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Balance of Power and uncontrolled business
methods cannot continue, and that Hitler, like
the Hohenzollerns, is a mere offensive pustule
on the face of a deeply ailing world. To get rid
of him and his Nazis will be no more a cure for
the world's ills than scraping will heal measles.
The disease will manifest itself in some new
eruption. Itjbj the system of nationalist indi-
vidualism and afflCOHQI^ffiated enterprise that_is
the world's disease, and it is the whole system
that has to go. It has to be reconditioned down
to its foundations or replaced. It cannot hope
to " muddle through " amiably,, wastefully and
dangerously, a second time. ,
World peace means all that much revolution.
More and more of us begin to realise that it
cannot mean less.
The first thing, therefore, that has to be done
in thinking out the primary problems of a world
peace is to realise this, that we are living in the
end of a definite period of history, the period of
the sovereign states. As we used to say in the
eighties with ever-increasing truth : " We are
in an age of transition ". Now we get some mea-
sure of the acuteness of the transition. It is a
phase of human life which may lead, as I am
trying to -show, either to a new way of living for
our species or else to a longer or briefer degrin-
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